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For Little Hand Foundation it’s always been about the ones that suffer during tough times. And ever since the pandemic stray dogs have suffered a lot. The redundancy of people on the streets and pavement almost snatched the only hunger dependence of these stray dogs. And even now that precautions are necessary people tend to avoid contact with stray dogs.

But what is their fault?
Did they do anything to starve till death?

We at Little Hand Foundation couldn’t neglect this issue. Thus, on 26th August 2021 – International Dogs Day, we began with “The Paw Project”. We gathered our volunteers all across the country to help and protect these ignored fragile lives of stray dogs. All of our volunteers make sure to maintain proper food and other necessities for the dogs of their localities.

So far, It’s truly been an experience of immense elation. Looking at the volunteers’ affection and active participation, many citizens of their localities have understood the issue. Even they have aided the volunteers to support this cause.

As we strive for the betterment of all, that does not exclude the lives of these struggling stray dogs. We hope that we create awareness and aid such stray dogs as much as we can.

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