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Sanity Of Sanitary

The “Sanity Of Sanitary” Campaign: An initiative by Little Hand Foundation for Awareness of Personal Hygiene and Distribution of Sanitary Pads.

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of any human’s life. It makes one feel clean and keeps them safe from infectious diseases and other harms. Regardless of a person’s age or gender, personal hygiene is necessary to follow.

From people living in slums to people living in lavish villas, the importance of hygiene remains the same for all of them. But only the self-sufficient and privileged people are able to actually maintain it. The judgements, negligence, unawareness and availability have blended themselves into a disaster that has brought this unhygienic chaos.

Especially in the case of women living in slums, the concept of personal hygiene has been complicated from just a simple cleanliness habit to something which should be spoken or known. As a matter of fact, menstruation is as normal as any other activity a human body performs to function itself and maintaining personal hygiene is a must at such times of the month. But people’s ridiculous judgements and behaviour have barged themselves to the point that women feel pressured to maintain cleanliness for their own safety.

But this is only a part of the issue.

It is clear that India has developed itself into a country of advanced tools and commodities that make our lives better and easier. As such, we have made it easier to maintain personal hygiene and it is the same for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. From tampons to menstrual cups, various products help women to remain hygienic. Yet, many women are unaware of these products. Even if they are aware of such products, it is difficult for them to consume because of reasons like a high price, fear of being judged or doubts about the safety of these products. These uncertainties lead to the spread of various diseases throughout areas and put people’s lives in danger.

Little Hand Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving to uplift the lives of every individual by contributing to the basic requirements of the unaware and needy, to help them survive and sustain themselves in this world. Our motto is  “Uplifting the livelihoods of all living beings in need.” And contemplating the weight of the issue, we here at Little Hand Foundation came up with the “Sanity Of Sanitary” campaign.

The “Sanity Of Sanitary” campaign focuses on the issues relating to the personal hygiene of women, especially during menstruation. We are going to different slums of Delhi to educate women about the benefits of sanitary pads and reasons to avoid traditional unhygienic methods during menstruation. To help them understand its importance, we are also distributing sanitary pads to the local women in slums. Currently, we have distributed more than 100 boxes of sanitary pads in different areas.

But, this is just the beginning of our cause. We want to educate women about the importance of personal hygiene and self-care. Our goal is to spread awareness of personal hygiene and the safety of sanitary pads among the women living in the slums of Delhi. So that we break this unnecessary pressure and stigma around menstruation and truly start caring about our health.

We request your assistance in any means. These trivial issues of negligence and unawareness cause severe problems in the lives of women. It’s never too late to begin something that can change people’s lives. Your donation to this cause will be highly appreciated and we promise you that your helping hand will be used to our utmost capabilities.

Thanking you,

Little Hand Foundation.

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