Project Details

Little Hand Foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to uplift the life of every individual by providing basic requirements to the poor and needy, We support people of all backgrounds to construct a healthy and socially balanced community. “Uplifting the livelihood of all living beings” is our main motto and we serve every individual who approaches us for help on a day-to-day basis. We research, understand, and reach out to people through street surveys with our volunteers. We have expanded our emphasis by feeding domesticated animals like stray dogs and abandoned pets. Every life on earth matters to us! Let us be the voice to those voiceless.


Our mission is to end hunger and poverty with sustainability.


Organized by: Little Hand Foundaton

Project Area: New Delhi,India

Phone: +91 85956 77567


Project Supporter

Khayaal-e-Kalam is an open mic platform based in Gurugram, Haryana. The platform was a dream of Ms. Priyanka Rathi, founder of Khayaal-e-Kalam which turned into a reality on March 8, 2020, with its first successful event. It is a growing open mic platform building an artist community, nourishing the art of the artist, and promoting it via various social media platforms Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Facebook. The platform believes in artist encouragement and supports every local and undiscovered talent in order to share the clips of all the participants on YouTube. Team of Khayaal_E_Kalam –
Founder– Miss. Priyanka Rathi
Mangement Head – Mr.Sooraj Jalan
Co Admin & Content Writer – Nishtha Mangla
Designer – Mr.Manmohan Agarwal .