Little Impact Plan

“Little Hand Foundation” is a Non-Profit Organisation that has been continuously working for the upliftment of each individual. We believe in supporting and encouraging them to strive for a better life.

Today, we at “Little Hand Foundation” want to shed light on an issue that nobody seems to notice.

India is currently fighting against Covid-19 with doctors and the medical staff taking the front to save the citizens. While the lower end of our society struggles every day to earn their bread. The daily wage earners, blue collars workers, and the homeless have to stay out under the threat of catching the virus, risking their lives to earn enough that no one lies down with an empty stomach at their homes. It is a detestable sight to watch the labour class working at such unpredictable and threatening times while we sit at our homes being ensured that we are safe from the Coronavirus as we have the privilege to earn our living from indoors.

Looking at the current situation, “Little Hand Foundation” comes forward to help these courageous individuals with an initiative called the “Eat Away Hunger” project.

The “Eat Away Hunger” project centers around helping and supporting the lower end of our society, living under the threat of catching the virus. “Eat Away Hunger” project plans to support them with necessities like food and refreshments. With the help of numerous donations up until now, we have distributed proper meals to over 7000 starving homeless and refreshments to over 2000 daily wagers and blue-collar workers striving to earn a living for their families.

This is only the start of our cause to help these individuals stay at a sense of relief. YOUR CONTRIBUTION is the biggest help to make the battles of these unknown fighters easier. YOUR MONTHLY DONATION can help us support the Daily wages earners of our country. Allow us to join together and help these valiant yet enduring individuals “A Helping Hand”. Because in the end, somebody’s “Helping Hand” is more than enough at times of distress.

Spread Joy, Not Covid.

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